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Nothing in today's chaotic tourism, travel and hospitality environment stays the same long enough... achieving and sustaining excellence, either in the private or the public sector, is a major challenge for all relevant stakeholders! Excellence has also been strongly linked with success. The search for success through excellence is always with us, the world is changing constantly, and the impacts of change are critical for tourism, travel and hospitality management and education. Success may generate even more excellence, both at macro-environmental and micro-environmental level. Excellence can be small-scale or large-scale. Excellence can also be seen as a constant revolution, having an impact on political, social, cultural, technological and economic environments.

Any stakeholder in tourism, travel & hospitality, and any industry practitioner, educator or researcher, is facing vital questions like:

  • How to prepare excellence?

  • How to accept excellence?

  • How to manage excellence?

  • How to optimize excellence?

  • How to survive with excellence?

  • How to sustain excellence?

  • How to teach excellence?

  • How to research excellence?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, then make sure that you will be in Greece for the 24th EuroCHRIE Congress in October 2006...

If you think you can provide answers to the above questions, then, again, you should come to Greece and tell us about it at the 24th EuroCHRIE Congress in October 2006...


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 Last updated : 13/11/2006


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